Welcome to my personal website! In 2016, I started up Small Moments Productions and began posting more recent projects and updating that website more often than this one. You can still check this page out, but if you are looking for Small Moments Productions, you can click here. The link is also in my profile, if you decide to check it out later. Thanks for visiting!

Matt Small
Player Profile
Current Job:
Executive Producer at Small Moments Productions

Current City:
Rutherford, NJ

Cell Phone:
(201) 528-5210

[email protected]

University of Miami, FL

I grew up in North Jersey and graduated from the Univeristy of Miami. I have had the oppurtunity to work with the NCAA Men's D1 Basketball Tournament, NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship Weekend, the NFL Super Bowl, and in the Miami Hurricanes Athletic Department. After college, I worked at MLB Network for 5 seasons as an associate producer. In 2016, I started Small Moments Productions. I have won 3 state baseball championships and 7 national sport EMMY awards. Click the headshot to check out my reel.
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